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Watches are both men and women favorite accessory to wear. We ll love watches there are a few people who are obsessed with it, it can be a great style statement to your everyday look, or even in any formal attire a good watch always makes you stand out. If you are a person who is not much into accessorizing a great watch and you are good to go. Watches are also an important part of our everyday life, it has always been important to us since ages. With the changing of time, there has been a lot of developments in a watch and its designs have drastically changed over the years. These days there are various brands that have come up with great designs and beautiful collection of watches for men and women both. we have different brands providing us beautiful designs and styles to look for with a varying range of prices.

So here I bring you 5 affordable brands that provide you trending watches with a variety of designs.

1. Joker and Witch

So, my first recommendation for you all will be Joker and Witch, it has its own website and also available in Nykaa. This brand has very classic looking watches for both men and women. They have their own unique way of designing their watches which are great for everyday wear and for a formal event as well. It can add a pinch of style to your clothing. They also provide you great combos, which are great for couples. The website also comes with great deals on watches, which is great as you can get them at a fair price. Joker and Witch also includes various other options for you to shop from.

2. French connection

French Connection Women Silver-Toned Analogue Watch FC1318RGM

This one is quite a well-known brand that has a great collection of watches with a high-quality style for both men and women. They are available in Myntra, Amazon and Tata Cliq, so it is easily available. Unique designs and a great price is what makes this brand a great buy for all people. The brand provides you with some trendy and very stylish designs which can easily be carried in your everyday workplace or college too.

3. Chumbak

Chumbak Women Olive Green Analogue Watch 8907605051883

So many of us wont be aware about it but yes, chumbak also has a wide range of watches available which are vibrant and playful to look. They are available in Myntra and flipkart. The watches have great exciting vibe to them and if you are a person who loves experimenting with your style you can surely give chumbak watches a try. The watches are more college friendly and for people who loves rocking colorful looks. They also provide you with a reasonable price and are a must try specially for women.

4. Giordano

GIORDANO Men Black Analogue Watch C1126-11
GIORDANO Women Silver-Toned Analogue Watch

This brand has great some designs for you, if you are a person who prefers more silver-toned watches you can surely check this brand it also has watches for both men and women. They are available in Myntra. The designs are attractive and the price is quite reasonable. You are able to choose from a variety of designs and are also great. They might not be premium watches but they are quite affordable everyday watch for your work or college or even for a party. So if you just want to try for a watch which is not too extreme in designs and are totally minimalist give this brand a try.

5. Dressberry

DressBerry Women Gold-Toned Analogue Watch MFB-PN-CHR-S1918

This would be my last recommendation to you all as most of you are already aware of Dressberry and their collection of watches. They are available also at the Myntra app. They have a wide range of stylish watches but they are only available for women. They have an affordable range of watches and can be used on an everyday basis. Dressberry also has clothing apparel in the Myntra website which is already popular for western wear and with that, it also provides you stylish watches that can be easily used by a college-going student or someone who just wants to try watches with trendy designs.

All the above brands are affordable and are stylish. All these brands will provide you a variety of styles to choose from. If you are a person who doesn’t want to spend a lot of your money in some luxury watches you can give these brands a try as they are reasonable and very stylish and trendy looking.


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