Diwali; Diwali is not just a festival. Yes, it is a festival but it is more like a feeling because this is the only day in the whole year which feels more Homie and we get more time with our friends and family. In a short way, it is a day that lets us live a little better. Besides the perfect lighting and the perfect recipes or food, it is a perfect day to remember our special ones whom we tend to forget because of this busy lifestyle by giving gifts as a reminder that “Hey! No matter how busy life is, I got you and I’m there for you.”

But we know gifting someone is not an easy task. I mean it is an easy task but it’s so confusing sometimes. So gear up, this article is all about fixing your confusion. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for this Diwali. Happy reading.

1) For your “Beta! Aage ka kya socha hai”: Relatives

I know sometimes relatives came hard on us. By questioning some questions which we don’t prefer to answer. But we can’t deny the fact that not all relatives are evil, some really care for us. And to remind them that we are here for them, gifting them home decor pieces is the best idea. And these home decor pieces ain’t very hard to find, you can buy them online but I would say go local and buy from your local shop. You can buy them candle stands, cute frames, plants etc. to make the home more homie.

2) For your “bro! Mein sambhal lunga”: Friends

Friends, they are like second family to all of us. And we know friends are someone who gives us confidence and motivation, yeah sometimes headaches too. But we can’t deny the fact that they are sweethearts. And as we are growing up, it is hard to catch up daily and gifting them their favourite books is the best idea to show them that you are still there and  you still got their backs.

3) For your “I love you”: fiancés/partners

Sorry single people out there. I know this will trigger you a little bit but not all of us are single right. So how can we forget our loved ones with whom we found comfort and support. And Diwali is the best day to make them feel more special. Not that, this is the only day we should make them feel special but a little more effort won’t harm anyone. And the best gifts you can give them are DIY cards or cards, mixtapes (if your vibes are retro), some classic old wine or a dinner plan.

4) For your “purrrfect” friend: Pets

I know right! How can we forget our pets? They are part of the family too. And we know how much we love them. And they deserve a little more happiness this Diwali too. I know your dog wants that fancy shoe to chew but I’m not going to suggest that. Instead you can gift your pets a fluffy cushion, a delicious treat biscuits, and a cute little outfit.

5) For your “ forever love”: Parents

Parents, they are the best gift for us. And I know sometimes we forget to tell them how much we love them. I know no gift is greater than them but this Diwali we can try to put a little smile on their faces. How about gifting them a new wrist watch. And no one can go wrong with watches for sure. We all love them and they look classy with every outfit too.

So these were some thoughtful gift ideas for this Diwali. But I would like to add a last idea too.

Gifting these things is just a reminder during this Diwali that how much they mean to us. But it’s not the only thing you can give them. And I’m not talking about materialistic things. Yes, sometimes giving them these things is a cute expression.

But the best gift you can give them this Diwali is your love by telling them how much they mean to you. Because life ain’t that big we think and we don’t have unlimited time.

Happy Diwali!

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