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Websites that may prove helpful to you

Websites that may prove helpful to you

Free at home? Got nothing important to do? Well here are some websites that may prove helpful in your day to day life. 

  1. 10minutemail

This immensely useful website lets you have a random email for about 10 minutes which you can use anywhere you like and will be destroyed after the time window. You can increase the time window in case you want to use it for a much longer period.

Also, it generates an inbox so that you can receive emails.

With this website you can say goodbye to SPAM!



This website lets you analyze your website performance. It lets you examine your website performance and weakness using various models and graphs. It is a perfect platform for web developers to analyze the area of improvement and performance to increase the efficiency and stability of the web site.


  1. Haveibeenpawned

This amazing website lets you know where and when your email, password, and details have been compromised. It shows you all the websites where you have logged in using your email id and which website has suffered security breaches in the past.


  1. Gethuman

This website provides you the support number of almost all of the global giants or well-known companies you search for.


  1. Pixel thoughts

I get stressed sometimes and this website is one of my methods to calm myself. It works for me, I hope it will work for you too. What this website does is ask for your problem and provides you motivational support.


  1. SuperCook

A website that can help you explore so many recipes just by picking up ingredients you want to have in your perfect dish. Just select the ingredients you want and it will suggest you the recipe.


  1. Virustotal

Confused by URL for files that might get you pc infected or loaded with a virus? Well, this website saves you from such problems and it’s all free. All you have to do is paste the URL and scan for results.


  1. Zoomquilt

A rather trippy website. Well what this website does is, the moment you open the website an image starts diving in and it keeps on going image inside the image. It feels like a never-ending image and a bit hallucinating. I found it rather mind distracting and which can help in releasing stress.

Open the website, press f11, sit back and relax.


  1. Weboasis

It is a cool looking website that displays matrix-like code dropping from upside down. It provides lots of links for famous websites and many other features.

It is a good replacement for the boring homepage of your browser.


  1. Product hunt

This website post information about the new products that have been recently available usually before they are globally advertising. It can be apps clothes, software games, new technologies, etc.




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