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Bakhor Bengena

Bakhor Bengena

All trees are essential, and all have their own quality. There are various trees known for multiple reasons, from being the oldest to have numerous medicinal properties. Bakhor Bengena is one such Tree that is situated in the northeast in the upper Assam area.  It is believed that the Tree is some 500 to 700 years old and has been kept preserved by the Ahom kings for years. Bahari King Mahamanikya of Jayantipur planted the Tree, this Tree is situated in a village in upper Assam known as Dakota gaon; there is also a school named after the Tree located near the same area where the Tree is rooted. The name ‘Bakhor Bengena,’ in the Assamese language means bakhor illumination and bengena means brinjal. This Tree has been discovered by the famous botanist of India during 1939 named U. N Kachilan.

This Tree is an important historical site of the Sibsagar district of Assam as various people from various states and countries have arrived here to visit this unique Tree. As during the summer, the Tree blossoms beautiful flowers, though the Tree cannot germinate now as it has lost its germinating capacities. It is still a unique and beautiful tree that is being rooted in that place for years.

Many botanists have tried to test the roots of the trees to understand the reason behind its unique way of only growing in that particular place, but there have been no answers to it till now. It is still believed that the Tree is also available in the lower Assam part kamrup, but this one is the oldest.

After its discovery, the village panchayat with the help of the villager has constructed a boundary around the Tree so that it is kept safe with an entrance gate. The village Panchayat has done this to preserve the old Tree, they have also constructed a canal so that during heavy rains, the water is not clogged there near the Tree. Of all the different stories that we hear about the Tree, one thing is sure that the Tree is the oldest and is a beautiful 30 feet tree that is beautiful and unique and is a historic heritage of Assam.

The nearest way is to reach Sibsagar and from there take a car to the village Bakhor Bengena where the Tree is situated.

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