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Lefty-righty parameters!

Lefty-righty parameters!

You must be an artist, as you are lefty and you right brain works!
You must be definitely good in studies, as you are righty and left brain works!

Is there any set parameters for both of them, I don’t understand why a lefty person cannot be good in studies rightly person cannot be good in art!
From having parameters on girls boys age size we have even not left hands!

Usually, we do Pooja with the right hand but it’s very difficult for a lefty person to do it with the right hand, what happens if it he uses left? any misfortune, does it means he has created a sin? he can’t worship God!
Does God even bother about hand we choose in doing pooja?!

You child is “lefty”, definitely he will become famous just like Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar… is there any golden rule that left can only be famous and righty people can’t? 

It depends on the skills and qualities of a person! so let’s keep it simple and cut to them to be famous or not, to eat form which hand to doing pooja from which hand! let’s make this parameters which isn’t highlighted break! and make all lefty- righty difference vanish!

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Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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