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THE DOOR STORY – Tripti Shukla

THE DOOR STORY – Tripti Shukla

I’ve always been an avid photographer and always felt a strange obsession with doors. My love for doors started from the lanes of Old Delhi. Old Delhi, also known as Shahjahanabad is one of those places where doors have a real character and I think that it has developed in me a kind of sensitivity toward doors-as if they have a soul and certainly a history My work over the years has taken me to different parts of the country where I was fortunate to gaze upon many various styles of doors.

Why am I fascinated with doors? For me every place has its own unique story, and I believe every door is a reflection of this uniqueness. Doors demonstrate not only incredible craftsmanship and aesthetics but in their original settings, reveal information about their owners Occasionally, the imagery depicted on carved and painted doors serves as a historical narrative that relays significant events or stories

Every city has a different door style. It’s engraving, design and art stemming from all the influences it received over the years and it makes me so happy when people send me pictures of doors they have observed and clicked. I am glad I could influence a few people to do this Many of the cities in India are still untouched and it is my wish to travel across the globe and capture the doors.


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