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Q. Why you made the artwork?

I make artwork because I love Art, and drawing is the only way I can totally relax and enter in a new world, given in normal life I do a total different job, I need this art time to de-stress

Q. How you made the artwork?

I use Procreate, I love this software, and with an ipad and applepen is very similar to draw on paper, there is an high level of precision on any lines. And of course Drawing digitally is faster, than with pencil and paper. I can draw also on the train.

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

I have been inspired from popart artists like Warhol and Haring, love and admire dreaming painters like Dali and De Chirico, the shapes in Picasso and intensity in Rothko colours. They all inspire me a lot.

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Shivam Thakur

You will never make it if you care what others think. | Editor @magazinegogo | 21 | Engineering student | Fitness enthusiast |

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