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SHIVI GOYAL – Author, content creator, digital influencer, social media expert, writer, public speaker, life coach, solo traveller and a single mother

SHIVI GOYAL – Author, content creator, digital influencer, social media expert, writer, public speaker, life coach, solo traveller and a single mother

Shivi goyal is a published Author worldwide of two books, content creator, digital influencer, social media expert, writer, public speaker, life coach, solo traveller, known travel blogger/vlogger, single mother, and a HUMAN. With around 17 years of professional experience in varied industries, now she is a full-time Entrepreneur. She wishes to spread her word and art to the world that will further spread love and happiness. Her storytelling and poetic voice has captured many hearts in the past and has been featured with numerous bookstores and publishers. She has been a part of various Lit Fests like NEx8, Delhi Book Fair Jaipur Literature Fest, and others online. Got awarded with “Super Women Entrepreneur in 2020” by FSIA – Forever Star India Awards. She especially enjoys the open mics and live sessions on Instagram and book readings.

Her writing skills are professionally used in the form of ghostwriting, ghost editing, blogging and content creation services. Her work of writing and YouTube videos can be seen on her website. She creates her art under the Company Name – Mystic Artwork Artwork includes abstract art canvas paintings, illustrations for postcards, wall art, bookmarks wall décor. She works with watercolour pencils, acrylic, art pens, sketch pencils, and charcoal. This art is available to be delivered worldwide. Customisation is also available

Here is Shivi Goyal in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a writer begin?

When I was a child I used to pen down short stories and my daily diary. When grew up I started writing songs, then gradually with adulthood and responsibilities my writing started that made sense to me in reality. However, due to responsibilities on my shoulders, I was not able to take my writings to a level where I wish to. Also, at times when I made myself headstrong on getting my work published, I did not have money and resources. Anyway, as I never left hope and last year I decided to take it to the next level and that’s where my first book came out which is called Love vs= weed.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

I seek inspiration in small – small things which I observe near me. My travel journals and nature are one of the key inspirations of my writings. Other than this my role model was always my dad. And nonetheless, my spiritual side takes me to a universe of my own solace. This keeps me going. 

3) Tell us about your first book. 

Do you love reading about love and relationships? Is there a poet or a writer hidden in you? Or a person who believes in love and the healing power of love. If yes, this book is for you! Can love and weed go hand in hand or they will be standing opposite to each other? Is it possible for lust to take over from Love or love will always have an upper hand over lust and weed? 

All these questions are answered in the book. They are in the form of poems, short verses and quotes. If you are looking for some poetic heart touching proses and verses which define or compares love with other forms, then this book will keep you hooked.

4) What is your specialization in writing and why did you choose it?

I’m a juggler and a maverick of my thoughts. With content creation and writing as a profession for around 11 years, I can’t justify me into one genre. Apparently, well, yes, I am a travel and lifestyle blogger and I love to write anything on everything as writing is the way of expression. Last book and current book of mine is a collection of different poems, proses and verses, with my illustrations. I’m a freak reader and love to read history, Sci-fi, self-help, cosmos, spiritual, literature and travel. In terms of my books, I started with poetry and prose, so yeah, the current is Poetry. My next will be self-help. Though I don’t want to confine myself into one for sure.

5) How difficult is it to get a book published?

Frankly, it is a tedious and daunting task. It has eased a lot due to different self-publishing platforms that have come up in the last few years. Still, there are a lot of challenges as if you don’t have ample money so you have to do everything on your own, And being a newbie I didn’t have anyone whom I can catch hold off to guide me which makes life super tough. With my learnings and experiences, I got my first book published, learned immensely in this process and did a lot of improvements in the second book I must say. In a single line, Patience and manifestation is the key out here.

6) How much time does it take to complete a book?

It’s a very tricky question, In the genre which I write on, it’s very difficult to predict, because you need to get that mood and then expressions should come out the way you want. Once it’s done than a lot of to and fro happens where you need to get it edited, then those corrections. I still remember that for my second book Words Unsaid I used to work on weekly deadlines i.e. on every Saturday I need to finish this much. Sometimes those are met and sometimes they were missed. Publishing itself takes a month to get a nod of publisher till you get a final copy in your hand.

7) How’s life on the other side of writing?

It’s pretty cool, I must say. I am a single mother blessed to have a daughter who is a chirping bird. I am a solo traveller, blogger, Digital influencer, marketer. I love doing artwork and also started practising Sujok, Yoga & meditation. Overall I must say that I am blessed and you know one shall be contented to reach salvation. All I have learnt is this, from my life. 

8) What advice shall you give to aspiring writers?

Don’t lose faith on yourself, if you have decided to become an author I must say that it’s a difficult path you have chosen, but just be focussed and keep on writing what you want people to read. Write for yourself and not for others as that will give a different satisfaction to you. And holding your own book in your hand, the feeling is priceless, dream yourself seeing that and when I can do it, I think anyone and everyone can achieve what they wish for. Yes, commercially it may contradict other views and opinions, but stick to your pen. 

9) Do you want to be a screenwriter? If yes, why?

Well, I never gave a thought, but given an opportunity why not? Life is all about trying several things I believed in it firmly and up till now that’s what I have created around me. Being a writer I want to keep all my doors open.

10) Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Writing more and more on everything which would help my readers to enlighten their lives. Books on multiple genres which would mark a shift in the mind-set of our society and people on the whole. I see myself doing this for sure. Another thing what I can visualise is being called as the author of a couple of best sellers and doing several author tours and book readings. Though I believe that we should do and give our best and then leave things in the hands of almighty as he knows what is best for us and will for sure make it happen.

11) Tell us about your recent book. 

This Book Questions:

Is it a crime to be a woman? Have you revealed, you are unsaid yet? Have you ever felt helpless or understated? Do you feel to shout out loud about your genuine emotions?

This book would mark a shift in your minds for the words and things which we always want to express in our surroundings and are not able to. We hold back ourselves for not saying what we want to. Words Unsaid… is a testimony of all those expressions and words that remain hidden and we are always on a quest to release them to this universe, which eventually, leads us to the contentment of freedom.  

It has flavours of life and the expressions that are usually not shared or said. It consists of small quotes, poems, prose, and related to these are short stories. The illustrations are designed by the author herself. Get this book in your kitty and get close to life in its pure form. Every purchase of yours can bring smiles and education facilities for underprivileged kids, as 1% of the royalty will go to this cause.

Gracious! Keep Smiling!

12) How’s life in quarantine?

To be honest last 6-8 months was like a roller costa ride, where I came back from death. Would not talk much over here on this, but faced health issues, the depression, financial losses and much more. I guess most of us had experiences which they never thought they will have, the same goes with me. Though I have come up with them quite strongly and that’s why my second book is out with the name – Words Unsaid… which I want people to read because a lot of us have things which are inside us and they remain within, and I think we should speak up #speakup. 

Kuch baatein unkahin si agar keh di jaye to acha hai, 
Kyunki kal ka kya bharosa, hum kab fanna ho jaye! 


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GOODREADS – @shivigoyal

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