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Due to the pandemic every country is suffering be it economically or emotionally.

India has applied nationwide lockdown since March when the virus was spreading all over the country. We all are going through difficult times since the lockdown, it has been difficult for everyone, it is also affecting the most neglected part of the society ‘The sex workers’ due to this lockdown they have been suffering financially a lot. They have been suffering from a crisis which is making them stay starving for days.

 Many are shifting their work to the virtual world because that’s the only option left to them during this time they are a community that has never been accepted anywhere. Even the virtual world is not a being helpful to all of them because there can be many who are not even rich enough and educated enough to understand the virtual world so properly to start doing their job on the internet.

Many of them are sole earners of their family and their whole family depends upon them for their living. Even if the lockdown is easing it will be difficult for them to start earning again as due to this pandemic outbreak the whole world will be a changed world now. Prostitution would be something that wouldn’t be an activity that would be preferred by many due to the dangerous spread of the disease.

Many of the workers have no idea what they are going to do during this outbreak and even later post the pandemic they have no idea if they will be able to earn money because it will be a risk to their own lives too.  Though many of them have shifted to online mode of earning money through chat videos and chats the money they earn is a lot less then what they used to earn earlier. This lockdown and pandemic have made the sex workers suffer drastically and many are marginalized workers who don’t even own a phone or are just not aware of online chats.

Even if commercial sex works are being opened it would lead to a spike in cases of COVID-19 mostly among the sex workers and the people who visit them

This pandemic has not only been tough for corporate or businessmen or daily wage workers but has equally disturbed the lives of the sex workers who have no idea about their future and are getting difficult for them to live their lives during this pandemic.

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