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We need to prioritize mental health. Mental health matters guys. Feel free to talk…& well, what-not. Black lives matter. Humanity questioned again over the elephant incident.
Fucking hypocrites.
Talking about social causes, putting statuses, black blank pictures on your Instagram account, suddenly we’re talking about mental illness this loud. I will just talk about my nation, I will just talk about my generation. It hurts me, it aches to know, that we’re a part of this shallow, shallow gaiety, living in this world where everything has to be so cool & oh screw reality! We stood for black lives, that’s good I say, well all of a sudden for people using fairness creams & treatments “racism?” rises to great dismay. Suddenly George Floyd becomes a worldwide, nationwide hero, well yes, he has brought a much-needed change & has all my respect but why, why nobody talks about Ajay Pandita, problems of our nation, ain’t so cool so we decide not to introspect. The mama elephant faces the painful, heartbreaking end, so suddenly we care about our animals, let’s pretend. Social handles of our born aristocratic ‘star kids’ suddenly aches for a hard-working, struggling actor who ended is life. But do they acknowledge that it’s the industry’s nepotistic attitude that did not allow that brilliant performer to thrive? So, no matter what statuses, stories & posts we share, they do not really mean that we care. We live among hypocrites, we stan hypocrites & we are hypocrites. Unless we don’t start from ourselves, there will be no change, we don’t deserve to demand a change. Let’s stay rooted, humble, kind & humane & not keep going astray.
Let’s start meaning every single word we say.

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Rhea Sen

19 / vintage soul, retro vibe, 21st century's tribe / - a socially awkward girl with a real goofy smile.

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