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OPERATION YUMMY – spreading love and joy all across Jaipur

OPERATION YUMMY – spreading love and joy all across Jaipur

“It is crazy. My mom and I were meditating and I got up and told her that we need to start this business of spreading love and joy through her laddoos. And voila OPERATION YUMMY was born.” – Sanjana Agrawal

Starting a new business and let it rise in the market is always a hit and try the case and this mother-daughter duo was ready to face all the challenges coming their way to get their business started. Laddoos made by mother taken forward by daughter to be acknowledged by everyone in India and worldwide are the kind of relationships we look forward to. And yet when their business began, they had just the absolutely delicious laddoos but figuring out the name, packaging, labeling, and marketing still took them some time which Sanjana took charge of and graciously did it all.

To get recognition in the market initially they’d sent boxes to their closet family members and friends as trials in Jaipur and across India. And as the response from family and friends was overwhelming, they took a step further and started selling their yummy laddoos.

Sanjana further describes that her mother is a very quiet and soft person and all the customers, family and friends appreciated the laddoos she made which was absolutely amazing to see. She adds, “My mom is an architect and interior designer by profession and the kitchen is the last place she would like to be at. But the pandemic changed that and staying at home and making these laddoos has become like her safe haven. She is happily on board with all the collaborations and growing strategies I choose.”

They have just signed up in collaboration as chefs at which is a platform for home chefs to grow their business. They are also doing Holi hampers, wedding gifts, anniversary celebrations, and any other festival needs.

In the coming years they hope to see their laddoos in places like Food Halls, restaurants. They would love everyone, around the country to celebrate good news with their homemade laddoos. 

And as they are open to everything coming their way from all over the country and worldwide as they want to offer the Homemade Goodness through the laddoos they prepare.

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