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A distant destination has never been so near! Experience your dream travel with a local accredited Tour Guide who can answer all your questions! Miravilius is the new way to travel and discover the places in direct connection with a Tourist Guide on the spot! Simply connect on the date and time of the Live Tour and you can immerse yourself in the discovery of the city, thanks to a guide who will accompany you live, as if you were there!

The Live Tour is a live streaming tour lasting 30 or 60 minutes, a real guided tour accompanied by a local Tourist Guide, it will be like walking in the chosen city and living that particular moment, without any filter! Once registered you will be able to access your user area and you will be able to connect on the established date and time by accessing the tour card and clicking on “Watch now live on Zoom” and you will connect to the Zoom link dedicated to that tour. You will be able to interact and ask questions live to the Tourist Guide and find out what makes you curious about the place visited.

Founder of Miravilius Massimiliano La Rocca

Here is with Massimiliano La Rocca, the founder of Miravilius in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did the idea to start Miravilius come up?

After the second pandemic wave hit Italy, we all thought about ways to help people travel again. That is when the idea was born to help people see the world through tour guide’s eyes – as they say – “you can see the world through your friend’s eyes.”  Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a travel business where our tour guides help virtual tourists see the world. For instance, you can see monuments, plazas, attractions and important sites; and the most astounding thing is that our tours allow you to visit with your family from the comfort of your home!

 Our tours will allow you to the peaceful atmosphere of ancient places where life is slow as people prefer to take a walk or a bicycle ride instead of speeding in a car. So travelling is possible again! By joining us, you will see our skilled tour guides waiting for you in our Travel Community titled – “Miravilius”. You can experience the world afresh through the eyes of our guides and nothing can stop your life in its tracks! 

2) Why did you name it ‘Miravilius’? Any story behind that?

The title “Miravilius” comes from Latin and is related to the notion of the ‘marvel’ (wonder) concept; I think it conveys the idea perfectly. We want people to wonder at the wonders of the world even when they are not able to travel for any reason.

3) What is your vision for the next 5 years?

Our vision is as big as the world – we strive to become a leader in the travel digital world; we are determined to lavish everyone with a chance to visit the world and to have a memorable travel experience!

 4) What do you think about virtual tours becoming popular in the coming years?

I believe virtual tours will become even more popular shortly and will be comparable to regular travel. Thanks to the virtual tours, the viewers will have more transparent ideas on where to travel to and will know which destination to choose next.

5) What is the leading goal of the company?

The main objective for Miravilius is to grant every person a chance to travel the world! We want people to encounter diverse cultures and locales at inexpensive costs with no restrictions or limitations.

Tour the world live with Miravilius


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