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Destruction of Self and Emotion – @kapisah_arts

Destruction of Self and Emotion – @kapisah_arts

I had scored 98 in Fine Arts, topped all over, won an International College Fest in art, participated in an Exhibition. And, Then one day I stopped. Now, 6 years later here I am starting afresh. Hey, I am Kriti Behal, a 23-year-old working professional who has started her new venture in art, bringing to the world a variety of mediums. I love art, I have loved it since I was a kid. But here’s the thing: I’m colourblind. I can’t see the Red-Green spectrum, which means I miss out on almost half of the colour range. I wanted to get into digital art but it was impossible to understand colours as codes. I tried but I couldn’t get it so I started distancing myself from it and eventually put away all my colours. Then came the doomed 2020, it was a year where just like everyone I went through a lot of emotional and mental struggle. It was then I decided to start doing things I loved. I picked up my colours, started painting, and this year in June I started my own page which I want to grow into something bigger. I want people to appreciate art, I want people to know the world from a colourblind’s perspective. Although it might lack a few colours, it’s beautiful nonetheless.

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