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KIA e-Soul EV: All electric CUV

KIA e-Soul EV: All electric CUV

Looking for funky, classy, modern, stylish, and comfort looking car? Lo and behold the all-new Kia e-Soul EV an all-electric-crossover. The classy boxy look with modern-looking rear and front makes it a stunning CUV for young ones. Along with the amazing dynamic design, e-Soul provides you with so many customization not just on the exterior but on the interior as well.

On the exterior, e-Soul provides you with the choice of 7 stylish one-tone colour or 7 vibrating two-tone colour combinations.

The interior packs with the choice between carefully selected fabric and leather or a combination of both.

Some Special features:

  • HUD

It provides glass panel right above the steering wheel on the dashboard which projects all the information regarding driving data like speed, energy, safety icons etc.

  • 7” OLED Display

Stylish OLED display under the wheel to display driving data.

  • 10.25” TFT-LCD Navigation

It offers an advanced split-screen function enabling you to view map directions, weather and compass, as well as information about the battery status, available range and next charging station location.

  • Drive mode selection

The Kia e-Soul provides Normal , Eco or Eco+ and sport mode for different circumstances which brings out the best out of the car.

  • Wireless phone charger

Enjoy convenient, cable-free charging by placing your compatible smartphone on the wireless phone charger on the centre console. The system even alerts you if a device is left on the charger when you exit the vehicle.

  • Sound mood lightning

For an outstanding driving experience, the e-Soul comes with Kia’s exciting ‘Sound Mood Lighting’ feature, which adapts to your music tastes perfectly by offering 8 different colors and 6 unique themes to choose from via the split navigation screen.

  • Heated and ventilated seats

Both the driver and front seats are exceptionally ventilated for upgraded comfort, utilizing ventilation fans in the seat and backrest pads to discharge the cool air, keeping you invigorated on hot days, while the front seat warmers and back warmed seats keep you comfortable in winter.

  • ADAS

Advance Driver Assistant Systems a series of intelligent safety innovations that help reduce many of the inherent dangers and stresses of driving on today’s roads so as to make every journey hassle-free and more enjoyable.

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