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German automobile manufacturer Porsche are planning to sell their electric car Porsche Taycan in India. It is expected to launch in December 2020. This breath-taking car is expected to cost from 2 – 3 crore depending on different variants.



The Porsche Taycan looks amusingly similar to Porsche 911. It comes with all new Four-point LED headlights with matrix beam. Connected to the downside of the headlights and in front of tyres are so-called air curtains or air intakes which improves the aerodynamic balance of the car.

The side profile includes automatically extending door handles and well-finished creases to give it sporty yet soothing clean look. It comes with two roof options panoramic fixed glass roof and lightweight aluminium roof. The rear design features a seamless light strip of glass as well as the ‘PORSCHE’ logo with glass look. Above these are the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) in the form of three-stage rear spoiler system


The inside of Taycan feels pretty high tech. it features a sort of good looking curved 16.8-inch instrument cluster which provides a lot of car details. In the centre, it provides 10.9-inch infotainment system with redesigned Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation. Below the infotainment system, it prides 8.4-inch centre console control panel which provides access to pretty much every feature of the car. The seats are well adjusted for that sporty feel with good view. The front seats come with 14 or optionally 18-way electrically adjustable seats with narrow headrests. Although the standard multifunctional steering wheel feels sporty enough but Taycan has an optional multifunctional GT sports steering wheel which features a mode switch as well as a top centre marking. It provides Advanced Climate Control for rear seats as well. Taycan also comes with optional ambient lighting which the interior.

The boot space of Taycan is pretty impressive. It comes with a front boot space of 81-liters for smaller items and rear boot space of 366-litres which can also be expanded thanks to the individually folding rear seats backrests.



  • InnoDrive Adaptive Cruise control system which increases the prediction horizon up to 3 km and modifies the speed and gearshifts before you reach them.
  • Active lane-keeping and traffic jam assist.
  • Lane change assist indicates whether a vehicle is in your blind spot and Night vision assist uses an infrared camera to provide support.
  • Surround-view ensures optimum care when parking and manoeuvring using one hand.


  • Rear spoiler extends in three stages at 90km/h, 160km/h and 200km/h.
  • Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM) can regenerate 90% of braking energy.
  • Dynamic chassis control which ensures roll stabilisation and offers better grip on road.
  • Torque Vectoring Plus improvise the steering behaviour and accuracy by agilely applying pressure breaks to the left or right rear wheel.


It comes with two permanent magnet synchronous motors on each axle and the performance battery is integrated deep into the underbody. These configurations provide superior driving dynamics and all-wheel drive that can be optimally adjusted to the fluctuations between efficiency and dynamics in various driving modes.

Well, it comes paired with an automatically switching two-speed transmission on the rear axle. The Taycan turbo s produces a maximum of 560kW (761PS) power. It goes from 0-100 km/h in about 2.8 seconds and with consecutive acceleration, it reaches up to 260 km/h. The battery in this car is based on 800-volts technology instead of the usual 400-volts which improves charging and drive-performance.

The car has two other variants too. The Taycan 4s offers 390kW (530PS), 0-100 with launch control in 4.0sec and top speed of 250 km/h whereas, the Taycan turbo offers 500kW (680PS), 0-100 with launch control in 3.2 sec and top speed of 260 km/h.

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