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In search of stability

In search of stability

In this era of continuous changes and peer pressure to be the best, we often forget that stability is the only thing that we all are actually after. Post pandemic, just like the mutations of the virus, we also can’t stop looking for a certain state of mind where we are at peace with our soul. This instability becomes a big challenge to be understood by everyone and also results in catastrophic changes in one’s life. Here, we bring you some ways or techniques that can help you search for that stability in life.

1. Stop judging and start listening:

It often happens with almost every one of us, when people, especially the ones that we care about, start sharing some problems or something that’s been bothering them, most of the time, we think that it is our duty and our responsibility to provide them solutions. And indeed it is, but not every time. It’s better to ask rather than trying to deduce what the situation demands. I recently went to a friend’s house and a strange custom in their homemade me realize that how important it is sometimes to just listen. So in his home, whenever anyone wanted to share something, they would first ask, ‘ Are we listening, or solving?’. And this simple line helped me understand that sometimes by overthinking about such things, we disrupt our own personal peace and maybe confuse the other one as well. The intentions are never bad, but the consequences can be. So it is better to know that sometimes, all that a person needs is an ear.

2. You are the creator of your path, before your destiny:

We have been through multiple versions of the same saying, You are the creator of your destiny. And often, we work so hard on building the perfect destiny, that we forget to build the road that is going to take us to that. If we think, it’s not the destiny that we choose, it’s the path. So we should be thinking about the decisions that are going to affect our journey to the destination. Every step we take takes us closer to that destiny, but only if we have chosen the right path. And the right path is subjective to individuals. What someone feels right, might be completely wrong in someone else’s picture. So instead of wasting your time proving that you have taken the right step, you should focus on taking the steps themselves.

3. It’s okay that we don’t understand everything:

We sometimes feel like a jerk, or someone stupid to not know what is the plastic tip of a shoelace called. Or even other strange things that might actually be there in our daily life. I find it strange that people judge someone by simply deducing that that person can’t understand something that they find pretty basic. It’s not necessary that what we feel is simple, is simple enough for everyone else. Our brains might be of similar shapes and sizes, but the way they function is entirely different. So it’s okay when you can’t understand something, don’t lose yourself over this. Instead, try to do some research on your own instead of asking others. It helps instill confidence in us and helps us understand things in a way that we find simple.

4. Take some personal time

It might sound cliche, but taking some time out for yourself over the continuous turmoils of the day is not just necessary but should be mandatory in our personal schedule. It’s something that we all have studied in schools, but seriously, did we ever give it a try? Maybe in the school days and I’m pretty much sure we found it annoying. But what if I say, if you try this now, you will feel elevated and relaxed. That’s because we often keep so much inside of ourselves that it starts corroding us from the inside. So we need to take it out, if you have friends that you think can understand this, awesome. If not, maybe it’s time you get back to that old-school diary writing formula because believe me, it works like magic.

5. Not everything around you is under your control:

This is the most volatile thought that we allow entering our minds. Thinking that we control everything and everyone, and also thinking that we alone can make it all work for everyone is not just toxic, but also breaks down our confidence and self-trust. We can’t control what is happening around us, we can only control our reactions to it. And it’s our reactions that set the course of everything around us. So in order to control the situation, we must be able to control our reactions. Meditation, yoga, and many other things help us understand our reactions and also help us in controlling them.

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