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Gabriele Barile
Energetic, chromatically bright, psychedelic and delicate.
Born in Genova on September 28, 1993, he graduated in painting and visual arts from the Brera Academy in Milano on December 9, 2020.
He exhibited his painting between Liguria and Lombardy during the studying years.
His major production has always been focused on creating fantastic scenarios, galactic compositions that mix and break down the elements of our days. An initial search for photorealistic was abandoned pretty early and Gabriel grew up as a painter of expression until reaching today’s results of a clean and graphic sign painting on high contrast backgrounds and drawings With Picasso lines.
With Grace and tenderness, but also a strong taste in enhancing the potential of color, Gabriel.
Leads you info his inner imagination one step away from the dream, but with the eye always anchored to the cornerstone of the real world: a face, a body, a breast, an animal, a heart, an eye. And of eyes, in the most human and frantic works, there are many,
An eye for outward observation, an eye for the inner one, and another eye as a mirror of the most vulgar beauty.
A colorful canvas to tell a story at a time perturbing on a rainbow background.

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