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My name is Arjan Stephens, Arjunasart on Instagram. 

Attached is the photo of the art along with the video. 

I met @jerodjhaynes on one of my many flights to Chicago this year. He saw me drawing on the plane and we talked about the creative process, my love of art, and his love of acting. When I saw photos from the play he starred in, Gem of the Ocean, I knew I had to paint his portrayal. And when he shared the character and the meaning of the play it resonated with me deeply.

Here is the description in his words: ‘Yea I did some years ago in 2015. It’s called Gem of the Ocean by August Wilson. My character is Citizen Barlow. Parents named him that purposely during a time when he or anyone like him was not considered a citizen.

A young man from Alabama who comes to the house to be cleansed by Ester. He is enlisted to help construct a wall and eventually journeys to The City of Bones. He visits because he feels guilty for stealing a bucket of nails which he believed resulted in a man killing himself because of it. But soon realizes after visiting the city of bones spiritually that he has a purpose in life. And to release self-guilt.

This shot is when I was mentally in the city of bones. Seeing all the slaves who were killed and that jumped off the boat. But seeing myself in them.

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