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Sydney Opera House – @jfong.paints

Sydney Opera House – @jfong.paints

Q. What does your artwork represent?

My artwork represents the beauty that is our planet Earth, from spectacular sunrises and cityscapes to the stars that shine overhead. More importantly, however, are the experiences that supplement these views, and I do my best to solicit those same emotions onto canvas. In my attempt to capture all of Earth’s beauty, I hope that my art served as a reminder of the diverse and fragile nature of our planet, which we must do our best to protect.

Q. What inspires?

Of course, nature serves as the main source of inspiration. Most recently, I have begun painting photographs taken by some of my followers on Instagram, and what I’ve realized is that the stories surrounding those photos are just as inspiring. Through art, I’ve discovered an incredible community that inspires me each and every day to live life in color.

Q. what does your art mean to you?

I like to think of every brush stroke as a small act of courage as I transform a blank canvas into a masterpiece. My artwork is a reminder to myself that the process is always more rewarding than the product, and through patience and persistence, I can shape the world to fit my vision.

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