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FDA approves Remdesivir to treat coronavirus

FDA approves Remdesivir to treat coronavirus

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has affirmed Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid, Al Jazeera detailed referring to an announcement given by Gilead Sciences, Inc. As indicated by the public statement by the organization, recently approved by the FDA for just crisis use to treat Covid-19 patients, Remdesivir is currently the sole affirmed Covid-19 treatment in the United States.

The approval from the FDA however may not lead to the rampant use of the medicine as a treatment in India. Doctors advise for the restricted use of Remdesivir only for the emergency cases till more vigorous data is gathered.
As against this, Remdesivir has been conceded a full administrative proceed on October 22, turning into the primary medication for Covid-19 to get USFDA endorsement.

However, The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday it is preparing guidelines on use of the drug Remdesivir for Covid-19 and should be able to release them in three to four weeks. A large WHO study earlier this year on Covid-19 patients in hospital found that the drug probably had no effect on their survival rate.

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said the U.S. FDA drug controller doesn’t seem to have considered the consequences of the worldwide wellbeing body’s investigation in giving endorsement.

“We believe our results are very robust,” Swaminathan said. “We hope that people who are doing treatment guidelines in other countries as well as regulators around the world will take note of our study results, in addition to the other evidence,” she said.

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