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EbizFiling INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED – An arena of Business Solutions

EbizFiling INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED – An arena of Business Solutions

EbizFiling is a motivated and progressive concept conceived by like-minded people, which helps small, medium, and large businesses to fulfil all compliance requirements of Indian Laws. It is a platform managed, operated and driven by top-notch CA, CS, IT professionals, Lawyers and Influencers, who have vast experience in the respective fields. What differentiates us from others is our pricing, TAT, dedicated teams of professionals, whom we call Compliance Managers, digitally advanced platforms for client-serving, among other things. Ebizfiling India Private Limited was formed in the year 2016 with the sole purpose of creating a platform on a technical background for Business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for providing legal and compliance-related services online. Starting off with 4 team members and a handful of services, Ebizfiling has achieved multiple milestones by introducing more and more services to facilitate the clients. Ebizfiling today is considered as an Arena of Entire Business Solutions with 40+ highly dedicated and qualified team members including CAs, CSs, MBAs, advocates etc.

Here are members of Ebizfilling India Pvt. Ltd. in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did Ebizfiling India Pvt Ltd. begin?

Ishita Ramani began her career as an intern with one of the leading chartered accountant firms after which she went on to work with some of the well-known Multinational companies to gain corporate exposure.  During her 10 years career span before starting her own venture, she noticed that there were broad areas of legal services scattered with different service providers. There were many areas where people required expertise and legal guidance but did not know where to turn as people had to face the hardship of going to different service providers for different legal requirements and had reached only till local service providers mostly due to lack of any platform where they can search options and acquire the services of most suitable one customized according to client requirements.

Due to these reasons, she decided to start a venture that would provide businesses with end-to-end support, has global existence with local roots, easy reach and visibility virtually from remotest of place along with the “One-stop solution” approach so that clients can get all the required legal and support services at one place, customized according to their specific requirement, transparent policies and no hidden charges along with the comfort of home.

In the early phases of her career, she had the understanding and eyes of an auditor (owing to different audit projects in varied industries she worked for), and she could see the defects in any ideally-looking assignment/project that kept it from being a failure.  She took over the charge of the Operations Department, framed various systems based on the knowledge and understanding that she acquired during her career span, and went ahead to launch a brand name “Ebizfiling” which has now 4.7 client ratings, 11000 + clients, presence in 10+ countries and 110 + services already in existence at the outset of the year 2022.

2) How did you manage to create a huge platform for over 50k businesses?

We are not legal service aggregators.  We have a professional team of CA/CSs who deal with clients closely and most of our services are executed in-house by our team. We have a concept of SPOC (Single Point of Contact) which helps clients to avoid going from one person to another and can directly reach their assigned SPOC for any query or requirement. EbizFiling has evolved into a one-stop solution for everything a business requires. After establishing ourselves as one of the leading service providers for businesses requiring legal services, tax, and ROC filing, incorporation, and compliances, we also went ahead with launching other support services that business requires like digital marketing, recruitment & payroll services etc. We basically want our clients to focus on their core operations and business strategies only while leaving other compliance, support and business needs on us. We’ve also made a name for ourselves as an easy-to-use E-express incorporation and compliance solution.  As a result, gradually and step by step catering to the client’s requirements,  we’ve built a massive platform that can deliver anything a client needs.

3) What legal help can one expect from the company?

Ebizfiling India Private Limited is an online platform that offers legal and professional services such as Compliance Services, Accounting and Auditing, Foreign Business Registrations, Retainership Services, other IP related Services and Trademark along with branding and logo designing, Business Consultancy, Business Registrations, Tax Consultancy, Digital marketing, GST and IT return filings etc to name a few of them. To put it in a simple way, we provide all the support services which a business requires and let them focus on their core operations.

4) Why should one choose Ebizfiling?

Ebizfiling believes that the Individuals would automatically talk positively about you if you provide outstanding services. EbizFiling provides the best and on-time delivery of services with an extremely transparent approach. EbizFiling started with a four-person team and now has clients from over 8 countries and a growing as well as a young and enthusiastic team of 50+ team members which keeps on adding. At every level, our client is our focal point, which distinguishes EbizFiling from its competitors. In comparison to other competitors, there are no hidden prices or terms while using Ebizfiling services, and as a result, Ebizfiling has grown in the market with each passing year.

5) Has there been a growth in business after the pandemic has hit?

With a persistent desire to become India’s most client-centric business professional services provider, Ebizfiling strives to earn trust by assisting them with legal issues and helping businesses grow. At the time of the Pandemic, we encountered many challenges, but we worked together to overcome each one and to work even harder so that, in this situation, we could develop in the market by providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our team worked remotely during the lockdown, so obstacles such as how to motivate employees, coordination of each activity, and management were quite difficult at the time. However, with the team’s efforts, each obstacle was gradually removed, and EbizFiling has grown to offer over 110+ services to its clients. In addition, EbizFiling has team of 50+ professionals that can help clients with their queries and provide them resolution with the highest level of satisfaction.

6) Should there be any tax reforms in the coming future?

Yes, as a part of “ease of doing business”, tax laws and compliances should be more business-friendly with the smooth functioning of various online government platforms, simpler law for a layman to understand and abide by, that will also reduce various law and tax evasions.  Furthermore, the financial burden of penalties of growing business should be eased to a certain extent so that businesses do not end up shutting down due to this burden.

7) Who has been the mastermind behind the company?

The idea came to us looking at the various challenges faced by a layman and entrepreneur who has the technical expertise to develop his own business but fears complex Indian laws and provisions due to a lack of proper guidance and knowledge. However, we also wanted our existence to reach to remotest of places to help the smallest of entrepreneurs along with a global presence and outlook, corporate structure and employee-friendly policies and environment. Hence, the idea of launching this venture with a virtual presence was a joint effort that kept evolving with the experience and help of a wonderful team that we have along with our client’s love and support. So there is no single mastermind but evolved set up over the period step by step which made us who we are today.

8) Narrate any unexpected client experience that has changed your life.

Each client is unique and important in its own way.  Every client we deal with gives us a different experience and understanding and makes us grow a bit. Hence, if I look back in 2017 when we started operations in Ebizfiling and compare it with the current scenario, I can see tremendous growth personally and professionally in myself which is certainly a life-changing one and which would not have been possible without the experience that we get dealing with different types of client. I cannot name any single client as such but yes every sweet and bitter client experience that we had, has been a life changer collectively and ultimately we strive to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied.



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