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REVHEAD – A Moto Vlogger from the Himalayas

REVHEAD – A Moto Vlogger from the Himalayas

Revhead is a motorcycle-based YouTube channel where Dheeraj Rawat shares his experience of riding, touring & building custom motorcycles. In the starting videos were just for fun but later people find videos relatable & a lot of people got connected through YouTube. Now it’s more of a community who have the same passion for motorcycles, not just a YouTube channel. It helped him find some of his best friends & allowed him to do what he loves the most.

He got inspired by Rajputana Custom for motorcycles & for filming part of videos he is inspired by Casey Neistat.

Here is Dheeraj Rawat in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a moto vlogger begin?

It started right from when we use to ride & record videos just for fun. I started uploading on youtube & sooner similar minded people who share the same passion for riding start reaching out to our content. We were getting recognised at different places & people were giving back love & support that’s where Revhead started.

2) How has social media helped you in growing your audience?

Social media is the key factor here for spreading the content throughout the internet. Social media also helped us reach out to brands or vice versa and probably social media is the reason that people are reading this article.

3) Who has been your inspiration?

For me, moto vlogging is a combination of motorcycle & filmmaking. For the love of motorcycle am inspired by Vijay Singh founder of Rajputana Customs & for filmmaking I used to watch daily vlogs of Casey Neistat & he inspired me a lot in different ways.

4) Which has been your most memorable experience?

Not a particular one but whenever I receive a message from people that they are inspired by me for making content. It really feels great on the left side of the chest & I love to give them feedback. Its good to see Revhead community is grown by 63k+ subscribers.

5) What equipment do you use in creating your vlogs?

I started with a Xiaomi Yi action cam but now I have canon m50(DSLR) for cinematic shots or in-depth shots & GoPro Hero 5 my go-to helmet cam along with some other accessories. I edit on a laptop ASUS ROGUE i5, 8GB RAM & 2GB Nvidia graphic card very basic setup nothing fancy here. Remember don’t overkill your equipments ever in life, start with basic like a phone camera if you are getting some success then invest in camera or GoPro.

6) Which has been your favorite motorcycle for the vlogging purpose?

Obviously my 6-year-old Royal Enfield Electra 350cc. People are connected with it whenever they saw the cross on the headlight of a red motorcycle they know its Revhead”s. I tried to do vlogs with different bike but my audience prefer me on my bullet.

7) Any collaboration with fellow artist?

In 2016 me & Abhimanyu Rai just met on roads passing by. He recognised me by “X “on my bullet headlight & I recognised him By 7 written on his KTM RC200 windscreen near Aut tunnel. Ever since we worked on many successful projects together & some are still in the archive.

8) How was the experience in Rajputana Custom?

I learned a lot of things in Rajputana custom. The custom motorcycles which I used to saw on social platforms & drooling over them. I got a chance to help to build them. I learned a lot about the aesthetic of motorcycle, metal shaping & lines of design & obviously about our Rajputana Culture.

9) Why did you start a workshop in Himachal Pradesh and how was it?

A nation is lead by its youth so is a state or city. Our bright youth is busy in developing MNCs or another developed state. But who’s gonna develop the small town where we all grew up? So me & my fellow partner Abhishek Thakur decided to do a startup in my native town Mandi. It goes by the name of Northmen Moto, we provide professional automotive services, performance upgrade & custom motorcycles & parts. Our ultimate goal is to increase motorsports in Himachal because our people have a lot of potential but less opportunities.

10) How was life in quarantine?

I always wanted to do a startup. Did some jobs here & there. Job was good though but I was not quite satisfied. Fun Fact we were kind of in pressure cooker during lockdown & we have all the time we needed to think so after a lot of “chicken dinners” & Research work we started Northmen Moto after 2nd lockdown. So it’s quite unconventional but so is life.

11) Any advice for upcoming content creator.

Grab a niche where you are interested & stick with it. Be consistent & don’t hesitate to reach out to people or brands.


YOUTUBE: Revhead
INSTAGRAM: @mrevhead

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