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Creative Rainy bulb – @art_amour0709

Creative Rainy bulb – @art_amour0709

So let’s first start with introducing myself , I Rani Daga , a resident of Jodhpur , Rajasthan and a 15 years old 9th class studying pupil. I m a diehard artlover and since childhood only I was very much interested in crafting ,drawing, painting or say every types of art forms. In this lockdown I became more close to my art and giving it a lot of time. Now I m handling my Instagram handle @art_amour0709 where I represent my artworks and craftworks which are also for sale. I participated in many of the online art competitions. In my school also I was very arty child who never say no to the arty crafty works. I have also won 2nd position in Camelin Art contest in my school and Jodhpur Craft Utsav. I m always grateful to the ones who encourage me to fight back from the negativities of this world and keep showering blessings and love upon me!!

Q. What does your artwork represent?

I always pour my heart out when I m making something related to art. It represents my independence, my imagination, my own dream world, and the beauties of nature.

Q. What inspires you?

There are many things which inspired me some were the artists and the most inspiring thing was the beauties of nature like whenever I see pretty sunsets , waterfall or say anything of our mother nature I just wanna get my colours and all goodies and get to work!! I always try to make new and unique work and try to work on my weak points. I would love to forever paint and paint.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

Its not only my hobby , its my passion , my love and overall my life. I m Unlike people who gets peace and positivity from yoga or meditation I m totally opposite to them for me my art means my positivity , my peace and I get my eternal peace from my colours, my brushes , my colour pallete , my paints , my canvas you can just say every little thing related to art. My love for art was , is and will be eternal. You can infer that “MY SOUL LIVES FOR ART”.

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