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In Nature Therapy – @ryancourtier_artist

In Nature Therapy – @ryancourtier_artist

Q. what does your artwork represent?

Driven by a love for nature… Ryan’s art searches for beauty in unusual places and he encourages the viewer to listen to the colors in his paintings and to get lost in the textures and forms and ‘listen’ to their inner sounds. Ryan often questions happiness and contentment and still maintains that the key to long-term happiness is mindfulness and that ultimate peace of mind can only come from time spent in nature and appreciating its beauty.

Q. What inspires you?

Nature is number 1 and the foremost inspirational thing that moves me and makes me want to create art about it with a heightened level of energy! People and traveling because there are always so many untold stories and hidden knowledge deep beneath the layers of people’s brains and beautiful experiences… there can never be enough campfire moments (groups of people sitting around it telling memories).

Q. What does your art mean to you? 

A very difficult question in many ways as what my art means to me has an ever changing answer… But I think my art provides me with a powerful way of communicating my thoughts and filtering emotion from my head and turning it into a visual thing which I hope people will primarily enjoy, and then understand/ take something away with them after experiencing my artworks. 

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