“You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.”

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, the most crowded country on the planet. With a populace of 21,500,000 individuals, it is the country’s second-biggest city after Shanghai. It was additionally the seat of the Ming and Qing line heads until the foundation of the Republic of China in 1911.


Capital of China since Kublai Khan came a-thumping (with a hundred thousand Mongol horsemen behind him), Beijing has facilitated the last three majestic lines: the Yuan (Mongols), the Ming (Han Chinese) and the Qing (Manchu). Hutong, the city’s private rear entryways, are a Mongolian inheritance. The Forbidden City? Cap tip to the Ming. Summer Palace? The Qing. Nor does it stop there. Director Mao sleeps in Tian’anmen Square, consecrated turf for the Communist Party of China. What’s more, over everything loom monsters like the 528m CITIC Tower, which finished out in 2018. What next for this unsettled superpower? You’re going to discover…


In Beijing, chī le mama? (have you eaten?) is in a real sense how local people welcome their neighbors. Food is the paste that ties all Beijingren, regardless of their convictions or bank balance. Regardless of whether you’re slurping noodles, lining for jiānbing, or culpably moving only one really Peking duck hotcake, you’re following after some admirable people. A mouth-watering blend, Beijing has intriguing provincial cooking styles from across China, which likens to unbridled experience for foodies. And all that yucky stuff: canines, snakes, bugs? That is all down south. Beijingren don’t go in for any of that garbage. In spite of the fact that they do cherish real garbage, plunged in sesame sauce!


From Peking show groups to top notch contemporary craftsmanship, Beijing draws on a significant well of innovativeness, and that is notwithstanding the fancies of oversight. To give the public authority its due, historical centers are more various than any time in recent memory, curation is less prescriptive and development is at a record-breaking high. China’s best colleges feed Zhongguancun, the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Beijing, which is making seismic waves with its forward leaps in AI and Big Data. At the humbler end, post-punk groups drone away in divey livehouses, neighborhood DJs get the hands noticeable all around, while old timers actually chatter the progressive tunes in the city parks.


Undisputed gathering capital – the Communist Party, that is – Beijing is a particularly micromanaged megacity, a show-stopper where the State’s most recent plans are steered to the general population. ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ is the directing mantra (Xi being China’s prez for a long time to come). When Beijing needs to complete things, it completes things. Air contamination? Improving year on year. Winter Olympics in a snowless city? No problemo. Country-wide reconnaissance? Simple peasy. The world’s greatest air terminal, Daxing, was prepared to open at season of examination, as perpetually shot trains race outwards to the regions. No sweat for Beijing.

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