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Q. What does your artwork represent?

I think my artwork inherently represents growth. Growth of myself as an artist and of course as a person. Having started painting for the very first time during the lockdown , I’m still very much new to the world of art and constantly in the process of learning and growing.

Q. What inspires you?

The answer to what inspires me would be absolutely everything! The amazing quality of art, in general, is that it can be inspired by anything and everything. Even taking a moment and observing the countless number of colors that everyday objects around us are made of changes entirely how you view the world. Each and everything of this world and beyond has art innate to them. Art also means diversity. There is no single path to art. Painting on my hand was one such idea that came into my mind somewhat unexpectedly. It was quite unconventional and a great experience. I also discovered that painting on your own skin gives you a greater sense of connection to what you create. Overall, my whole art journey was and still continues to be a huge learning process which I consider acutely valuable and close to my heart.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

Art to me is expression. As someone who has never been good with words, I feel like I’ve discovered a new medium for communication with art. It is indeed amazing how much art can influence and change your perceptions. We constantly evolve with art and our art constantly evolves with us.

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