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MAHARASHTRA – @theunrulytraveller

MAHARASHTRA – @theunrulytraveller

“The only trip you will regret is the one you didn’t take.”

India’s third-largest and second-most populous state, Maharashtra is an expansive canvas showcasing many of India’s iconic attractions. There are palm-fringed beaches; lofty, cool-green mountains; Unesco World Heritage Sites; and bustling cosmopolitan cities (and gorgeous vineyards in which to escape them). In the far east of the state are some of the nation’s most impressive national parks, including Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.


Individuals of different cultures and religions live genially in this state, which is the reason there is a lot of ado about the way of life of Maharashtra which while holding its unique Marathi culture has delightfully accepted different societies that have come to consider this express their home. Aside from being wealthy ever, customary expressions, and way of life, it is additionally popular for its economy essentially in light of the fact that Mumbai – the monetary capital of India is arranged here. The amusement center point – the Bollywood entertainment world additionally discovers its starting point in this state. The combination of these assortments of things that this state offers will make your visit here totally beneficial.


Maharashtra, the place that is known for everything limitless welcomes you into its boundless plenty of attractions. It is enhanced by the excellent Sahyadri scopes of the Western Ghats with high mountains that vanish into the morning fog, while the rambling belt of the Konkan Coast hypnotizes the eyes with its white seashores. The remnants of the antiquated strongholds and royal residences in Pune and Ratnagiri among others gladly portray the tale of the then-powerful leaders of Maharashtra. Extremely old sanctuaries arranged in places like Pandharpur, Ozar is as yet established in their practices, offering safe-haven to travelers. As do the little slope stations of Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, and Matheran, settled comfortably in nature, give rest to voyagers from the buzzing about of the urban areas.


Inland lie the extraordinary cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta, undoubtedly Maharashtra’s greatest monuments, hewn by hand from solid rock. Matheran, a colonial-era hill station served by a toy train, has a certain allure, while pilgrims and inquisitive souls are drawn to cosmopolitan Pune, a city famous for its alternative spiritualism. Westwards, the romantic Konkan Coast, fringing the Arabian Sea, is lined with spectacular, crumbling forts and sandy beaches; some of the best are around pretty Malvan, which is fast becoming one of India’s premier diving centers.

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