“If there is HEAVEN on Earth; it is here, it is here, it is here!”

With rolling green meadows carpeted by bushes of wild blossoms mixing into snow-clad mountains, whose pinnacles peep into the mists, and mountain streams surging by, Gulmarg is sheer poetry in nature. While this is the late spring scene of this little village in Jammu and Kashmir, in winter, it is changed into a white wonderland, with skiers making a beeline for its famous slopes. The grand valley of Gulmarg is a little bit of heaven covered by the powerful snow-clad piles of the Pir Panjal run. Emerald green knolls, profound gorges, and pine-forested slopes make this glade of blossoms (the importance of Gulmarg) an ethereal sight that has roused artists and craftsmen for quite a long time.


Gulmarg has been a retreat for the lords like Yousuf Shah Chak and Jahangir who used to visit every now and again. The old name of Gulmarg was “Gaurimarg”, the name of Lord Shiva’s wife. Yousuf Shah Chak changed its name to Gulmarg, which means the spot of roses. During the early aspect of the twentieth century the well known Central Asian pioneer Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862–1943), made his home here in a tent between his campaigns. It was a most loved summer holiday destination for the British positioned in India.


Other than its amazing excellence, Gulmarg is a place of cultural extravaganza. The most popular cultural frenzy in Gulmarg is its Winter Festival. It comprises various performances like traditional dances, songs, photography, athletics, band performances, and adventure activities. Gulmarg is likewise known for the flavorful spread of Kashmiri food. On the off chance that you are in Gulmarg, don’t miss to taste a heavenly part of different gastronomical luxuries. Pack some lovely customary handiworks, and their westernized forms also, from the neighborhood showcases in Gulmarg. Pick a rare souvenir and enrich your collection of authentic chattels.


A supernatural town set between the out of this world mountains in Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is a most loved among eager explorers. The slope station lies around 55 kilometers from the renowned Srinagar and is frequently visited for the audacious open doors that anticipate guests and the grand perspectives on the environmental factors from the town. In the event that you are a nature devotee who adores the warmth, the months April, May, and June are the greatest months for a little while. In any case, if skiing is the thing that you are anticipating, December to mid-March is suggested. Gulmarg is otherwise called the meadow of flowers because of the fields of blossoming flowers that spread the grounds of the city and make it a sprinkle of various shades.

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