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It was rumored that young parents had to be most careful about two things: that the child did not fall under the truck while crossing the road on the way to school and that he did not swallow the cat’s hair.  It was out of the question for a cat to enter their home. And when they let the animal into the home, they get the best friend, the most faithful friend, the attentive listener, the eternal companion, of whom only death and only she separates them. The love of an animal is a cure for illness, consolation in old age, hope in solitude.  When you have an animal that understands and loves you, with which you can talk about everything and which in the same way as you sees all these grumpy people and this virus that came down from the hill and may never stop, then it is somehow easier for you…

It is nice when you are awakened in the morning by the warm rays of the sun and when you hear the cheerful chirping of birds through the open window.  It is also nice when you are awakened by the sound of autumn leaves and the smell of ripe fruit, but it is most beautiful when you hear your mother’s words in the morning: “Get up, quickly, the first snow has fallen”.  All the children are looking forward to the snow.  They look forward to white snowflakes that gently stick to their rosy faces.  Snowflakes flutter in the air like flying stars.  They fall on the roofs, cover the streets and weave white lace on the windows of children’s rooms.  With their mischievous play, they cause a smile on children’s faces and invite them to go outside, to play together.  Tonight, snowflakes fell like silent stars on my window.  When I woke up and saw an unusual picture on the window glass, I was very happy.  The first snow finally fell.  I wanted to go outside right away and catch some snowflakes.  I would reach out and soft snowflakes would gently land on my palm.  I would ask them not to disappear quickly, to stay there for a long, long time.  I imagined myself dressed in warm clothes, running across the snow with a smile on my face, and he was splashing on my legs.  Gentle snowflakes would stick to my face, and I would smile happily. If there was no snow and gentle, white snowflakes, the winter would be cold and gloomy.  When the first snowfalls and white snowflakes flutter in the air, a smile shines on the children’s faces. The children are smiling with snowflakes, and the snowflakes are smiling at everyone. 

I will tell you the legend of the Golubac Fortress.  What is the most interesting thing about the Golubac Fortress is that its name is written on the maps in different languages ​​and that it forms the word Golub in each base.  That is why there are many legends about the town of Golubac, and one of the most famous is about the beautiful girl Golubani, a resident of the local village that the Turkish pasha fell in love with.  He tried to win her heart with lavish gifts, but the girl refused them all.  As a punishment, on Pasha’s orders, Golubana was tied to a Danube rock in order to repent.  Her non-return of love to the Turkish pasha led her straight to her death.  The rock is therefore called “Baba kaj”, which means “repent”. Beautiful Golubana. 

The main symbol and jewel of Belgrade is the magnificent temple of Saint Sava.  Due to its location, but also due to its impressive height, the temple of Saint Sava is visible from all approaches to the city.  This beautiful temple can be said to be the heart of Belgrade.  The temple of Saint Sava is the largest an Orthodox church in the entire Balkans.  It is believed that the cornerstone was erected at the place where it was in 1595 Sinan Pasha set fire to the relics of Saint Sata, which were transferred from the Mileseva monastery in order to break the Serbian spirit. Because of the wars that we also led various events in the 20th century, the works were constantly interrupted, so that in 2004 Belgrade got the most beautiful Orthodox church.  Apart from its external beauty, the temple of Saint Sava will be the first temple completely decorated with mosaics that will leave you breathless…

You have probably all magically visited Krupajski springhead by now.  You probably already know how to get to village Krupaja, what the name of the water spirit is, keeps the golden cave and where you will try the most delicious Vlach porridge. I have been visiting Krupajski springhead for 5 years and this is my favorite place. I really feel happy here, even though I’ve been more than 100x so far. I always discover something new, I am always fascinated by this mystical turquoise color and I always fall in love with this place. Krupajski springhead attracts sighs in all four years age, and especially in the time of winter magic, because much less eyes saw him in that period.

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