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xQc losing fans

xQc losing fans

xQc has been banned multiple times from the streaming platform called Twitch.

Twitch banned variety streamer xQc for the fifth time, and the community is certainly not happy. This isn’t because of Twitch’s suspension policy. Instead, fans are tired of the drama that the French-Canadian steamer frequently stirs up.

There has hardly been a moment in the last few months when xQc has remained out of the spotlight. Ever since the controversy surrounding him cheating in a Fall Guys tournament, whether it’s OfflineTV Rust drama, NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP controversy, gambling on Twitch, hot tub streams, or his recent break-up with Adept, xQc has certainly kept the internet busy.

Unfortunately, it seems like his recent behavior seems to have crossed the tolerance limit of a lot of fans who no longer find xQc entertaining. In fact, following his recent ban, which might be due to the streamer playing Kanye West’s Donda on stream without the artist’s permission, many people have come out on Twitter and criticized the streamer.

Twitter reacts to xQc getting banned for the fifth time

xQc has still not addressed his most recent ban. While he would usually send out an all-caps tweet criticizing Twitch and its policies and threatening to sue the website, he chose to remain silent this time. So, to fill the void, Twitteratti decided to call him names and throw shade on the popular streamer.

xQc is slowly losing fans

While xQc cries bias when Twitch acts leniently against other streamer bans, fans feel it is the same when it comes to the French-Canadian streamer. His most recent ban only lasted 5 hours, way less than several other bans that smaller streamers have received for similar or lesser offenses.

Clearly, xQc’s popularity has helped him get out of the pickle more often than fans would like. Moreover, the fact that he still doesn’t try to change his ways also annoys his fans, especially since this might lead to him getting permanently banned from Twitch.

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