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“The best thing you can leave in people’s hearts is a beautiful mark.” – Mays Na’alweh

Mays Na’alweh, the founder and owner of 23 shop, is 28 years old and resides in Palestine-Tulkarm. The project was found back in 2015 and since then it is established as an online store. She makes art jewellery’s that carries the Palestinian Arab spirit in it, also she has her own colours and designs for customised jewellery, which can be worn during day-to-day life and expresses the Arab spirit in it. She especially loves to work on new creative ideas and spirits which expresses the Palestinian and Islamic Arab history in her exclusive designs.

In her project, Mays is working on her vision of jewellery that we can easily see on her Instagram account @handmade_23_. When she creates a piece, which can actually touch someone’s soul and heart made with utmost love and affection that reflects in a piece of jewellery, it makes her feel truly alive and that is what she enjoys doing the most.

“Jewellery is like a biography a story that tells the many chapters of our life.”

Starting a business is never an easy decision, but it was her foremost choice to create a space where she can fulfil her own dreams instead of choosing a white collared job for herself to work for someone else’s dream, SHE THOUGHT OF LIVING HER OWN DREAM.

23 shop is an idea to create a special store for non-traditional accessories that anybody can own exclusively and be used to define an individual and express one’s own essence as someone wear these beautiful pieces of art created by Mays.

“Making Jewellery is like making your Own Magic.”

Her first project being, handmade ceramic pieces with Arabic calligraphy on them; they received a remarkable response and a huge success that, she at that point never expected. This further motivated her to hire other talented people to work with her, due to the increasing number of requests she used to receive daily.  Receiving multiple orders in a single day for the pieces she created, always thinking outside the box and presenting before everybody new styles of accessories, along with trying to give a definition to the pieces and what they will come out like once fully made. After the huge success of 23 shop, she had more plans for herself and her business and it was time for a little more change. So, she started thinking about the big next move and then she started creating her own compositions with a unique merge of colour, passion, and enthusiasm forming them into separate groups. With every positive reaction and feedback, her passion for 23 shop was doubling up, along with an infinite number of ideas popping in her head and its mission was becoming clearer, to take her store to new heights in the coming days. 

“We are striving to send our work and message to all women around the globe. To integrate original Palestinian art pieces that are made in Palestine land and with Palestine’s hands, to be worn proudly every day by all women. 23 shop is an expression that defines delicate femininity, authenticity, and culture, 23 store became more than a traditional shop, it becomes a cause, an idea, and most importantly a hope!”

Moreover, the amount of wonder, admiration, and love she saw in the eyes of her customers when they first see the jewellery and feel it and all the details Na’alweh comes up with is no less than any tressure. The key decision at the beginning of 2018 was to work on what she loves the most and what she wants to mostly express at the 23 stores. It started with a group called Nahawand which in Arabic stands for maqam which is a system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music, Nahawand being the turning point for 23 and their goal and vision to design pieces with an Arabic and Islamic artistic nature, filled with ornaments and colours which are geometric and artistically harmonious for women to wear in a modern way that matches different looks.

The changing fashions, in an authentic spirit expresses the sophistication of the woman who wears it.” In Palestine, they have the oldest, most prestigious and the best-engineered buildings that have technical details in every single corner like the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the city of Jerusalem, the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron, these are the designs that resonated not only locally but also worldwide.

“Every piece of jewellery tells a story.” – Gem Hunt

At Nahawand, they started to unleash authentic ideas and spirits and incorporated them into their jewellery pieces, the most recent one which is the closest to their hearts with history so special, the traditional Palestinian dress patch – or in the native language the agricultural patch -is the most precious piece of garment a woman can pattern on her dress in order to express her state of being. In the latest designs, they have found a way for women to simplify and not carry a lot of accessories they are wearing with the traditional dress in a way that preserves its essence, with a necklace attached to the traditional piece of the garment itself which makes it look even more unique and special in its own way. So, any woman can wear it with all the outfits and for all occasions. In a simple, modern way that preserves the spirit of Palestinian authenticity, heritage, and feminine colours in every design.

 To get unique and long-lasting parts, they must continue to search for the best raw materials. The 23 store team feels they are under an environment that is being controlled like even the air they breathe, as they already have a lot of difficulties in getting the materials they require in order to be able to continue to work, especially as the occupation is being controlled in Palestine and there is an obstruction in various ways in all circumstances and cases, this greatly affects the flow of the business in terms of time to obtain materials, which delays the work and customer requests, and even they aren’t free to parcel the orders to foreign lands.

Delivery is available in Palestine only!

INSTAGRAM: @handmade_23_


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