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Q. What does your artwork represent?

I think the most important thing my artwork represents is the path I‘ve traveled. All the things I’ve learned and still learn every day. My Instagram is sort of like a visual development diary and a playground for me where I show my progress, little experiments, and my portrait commissions. But next to that I do a lot of other things. I art school I majored in illustration and graphic design and did a master’s in fine arts/painting. Then I moved to work in the games and gaming industry, which I have been doing ever since. For the past 6 years, I’ve worked as an art director and lead creative. What I love about creating art in a lot of different styles and techniques and also for different purposes is that it compensates each other really well. It helps me balance things out. I’m not confined to anything and I can do whatever I want. I like that. So in a sense that is also what my artwork represents. The necessity of it and the fun I have creating it.

Q. What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from daily life in all its aspects. From the sunlight hitting an object and casting a beautiful shadow to something I come across on the internet or social media. Next to that, I get inspired a lot by fellow artists (the great masters, contemporary painters, and the artists I follow and come across on Instagram for instance). Looking at their work, trying to dissect it, how they did it, their compositions, use of color, subject matter, etc. etc. Inspiration is all around you.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

Next to the fact that it’s the most fun thing i can imagine doing it also keeps me sane. If i don’t paint, draw or create for a couple of days i become restless and unhappy in the end. It’s a means to improve myself in both creating, observing and strengthening the connection between them.

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