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Tim Onday,

also known as Tim Guse, came into this world free and has since become a free-spirited individual.
He began painting in March 2020. When you dive into his paintings, an emotional journey awaits you if you are willing to engage with it.
The artist, who lives in Brilon, has been able to celebrate in a short time many successes regionally, nationally, internationally. He questions the concept of movement and its naive awkwardness with a humorous approach that shows us our vulnerabilities.
Through the use of spray cans, paint pens, oil paints, pastel chalk, charcoal continues acrylic paints he creates intense personal moments in abstraction.
Since March 2021 Tim Onday builds his canvases himself.
From wood to saw and from the roll of fabric to canvas.
For this, he uses linen fabric, cotton fabric, mixed fabric.

“The muse has kissed me and now live appears in abstract shapes and colors.“My Gallery in GermanyT|M
GalleryT|M GALLERY Brilon /Germany

T|M Gallery allows many artists from all over the world to show their art on-site, regardless of their artist status.
On-site there is the possibility of the digital exhibition via several monitors that show both inside and outside.
With an application to ( [email protected] ) you can quickly and easily acquire constant advertising space in the up-and-coming T|M Gallery in Germany.
In addition, the T|M Gallery is a focal point for all kinds of art.
painting, photography, sculpture, construction, handicraft, theatre, music, and much more.

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