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Q. How you made this artwork?

My journey of art began back in school. Every time, I used to have a pen and paper to scribble around, I used to hide my artworks in my textbook so that whenever I was bored of those classes, I used to isolate myself mentally and used to just scribble on it.
I have been a person with a different perspective, I used to look at the sky and wonder “How is it possible for mother nature to have a new painting every other day?” and batchmates did laugh at my such questions.

Q. Why you made this artwork?

I have been working with resin for 2.5 years now and it’s been a roller coaster ride! Resin is a beautiful medium but knowing it takes a good time and a lot of effort. While I was in a state of exploring the medium, I met this client who was truly an art lover, he just looked at my collection and said, “I want you to paint a 5 feet huge painting for me, do it however you want. I am not going to disrespect your art by putting any sort of conditions” and it was the best commission work I ever did in my whole career.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration behind this is not a single person or thing, I was inspired by all the real beauty of geodd stones and of course, all the resin artists out there who are doing such beautiful work. Kudos to my resin art community.

Q. What is resin art?

Firstly, the resin is a two-part compound, which is mixed to a certain ratio after which it hardens to a clear glossy finish. There, resin art is basically pouring this compound mixture over any base with colors mixed in it for a certain effect.

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