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Q. Why you made the artwork?

 So the story behind this artwork is that Mandalas have always inspired me. While looking at some mandalas designs I came across this design and this quote came to my mind. This was long before I actually started drawing mandalas. So, when I started my page, I knew that I had to make it someday.

Q. How you made the artwork?

I have this using a compass and protractor, black felt pen and black ball pen.

Q. What inspires you to be an artist?

Ever since I was kid, I found the art world fascinating. My sister and mother both can draw really well, but I could never draw like that. Somehow my vision could never be copied to paper (well, my drawing were always laughable ). When I saw everyone around me could have some really unique ideas and such amazing artistic talents, I would get insecure and then I would refuse to work on an art projects all together. (I used to make my sister and mother do the work instead).
Yet, as I got older, towards the end of my school, I started watching youtube videos and tutorials and something just struck.

When I saw that things weren’t that tough, I started practicing them. I started with craft.The amount of satisfaction it gave me was amazing 😍. Slowly I moved towards other stuff. Now I find art as my meditation m it helps me achieve my peace of mind.

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