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SUICIDE POINT, KALPA – @travelkeedaaa

SUICIDE POINT, KALPA – @travelkeedaaa

”Even a suicide point can be a high place to experience a beautiful view. It’s all about your perception.”

Suicide Point is located around 3 km away from Kalpa village in Himachal Pradesh and the journey to this point takes place through beautiful apple gardens. This place is so lovely that tourists even forget the dangerous trench and vertical slope they pass through on their way to suicide point. This place is famous for its thrilling trench and enchanting atmosphere that gives a wonderful experience to the visitors. The dangerous trench and vertical slopes are the highlights of this place. Also, the breathtaking mountain scenery gives tourists a taste of height and turns their experience into something more interesting. One can reach at this point through a car and enjoy the stunning landscape of Suicide Point.

It is one of the world’s most dangerous roads on which this suicide point is located. This road is surrounded by hills and has been constructed by cutting the mountains at 90 degrees. There are several meters long deep trenches on the sides of the road. If there is a sudden accident, there will be a huge disaster and there will be no chance for anyone’s survival. 

The Suicide Point is located on the road connecting Kalpa with Roghi. The surroundings of this point are so amazing that people are forced to call it the Suicide Point The buses of the Himachal Transport Corporation, which runs on this road, have not had an accident to date, while many private vehicles fall into trenches and get victimized. There are about ten thousand tourists who come to Kinnaur every year and stop at the Famous Suicide Point on this highway for a while. This breathtaking mountain scenery gives tourists an amazing experience of a gorgeous view of nature.

Suicide point, Kalpa is an amazing place to be for everyone, and for the adventure lovers, it is a must-visit place. The best time to visit Suicide Point, Kalpa is in the winters that are from the month of October to May are long and freezing while summers are short from June to September. However, the place witnesses unpredictable rainfall during the monsoon season. And if the summer season is talked about, then temperature falls between 8 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius.

If by any chance, you are visiting Himachal Pradesh around the Kinnaur valley, don’t forget to go to the suicide point and experience the enthralling view of the valley.

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