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SPELLO – @annalugiangregorio

SPELLO – @annalugiangregorio

“You have to get lost before you can be found.”

Spello is an ancient town of Italy, in the province of Perugia. The densely inhabited town, built of stone, is of decidedly medieval aspect and is enclosed in a circuit of medieval walls on Roman foundations. It is a jewel box that preserves a considerable artistic and cultural heritage.  It is situated on the gentle hills of Subasio Mountain. The built-up area, from the Subasio limestone, evolves along narrow and tortuous streets, examples of medieval settling. Remains of the amphitheater, the walls, and the gates from the period of Augusto, among which the monumental Porta Consolare, still today southern entrance of the town are evidence of the Roman period.


Only occasionally do tourists stop in Spello; it’s not part of the “usual” foreigner’s travel itinerary. It’s one of those places that if you happen to drive past, you feel compelled to detour and discover. Spello is a pleasure for those who love walking. Three well-preserved Roman stone arches form the entry points to the town, Porta Venere, with its towers, Porta Urbica and Porta Consolare. Once inside, the cobblestone streets meander in and out of mysterious alleyways that lead to simple, yet elegant stone houses. Wherever you will go, it will lead you somewhere nice. Actually, it is even recommended to get lost in the streets of Spello – it enables you to feel the spirit of the village. Friendly and hospitable locals are always ready to chat and direct you. It seems that exploring the streets of Spello is a never-ending adventure!


If you want to experience the charm of a small Italian village and live like a local for a few days, then Spello is a beautiful alternative to more well-known places like Assisi and Perugia, which are close by. Simply wander the streets of Spello – each will lead you someplace interesting and beautiful, whether it is Medieval or Rennaisance architecture, cobblestone alleys, or little stone bridges that connect the houses. Luminous gardens in the back of the residences and unexpected panoramas from the different levels on which the town is situated, complete the urban landscape, making Spello, like other Umbrian towns, a place to be visited both for the treasures it preserves and for the scenic views it offers.


The locals will welcome you with a smile as they sit outside their houses, knitting, sewing or simply chatting to one another. If you offer an Italian greeting such as “Buon Giorno” you will almost certainly receive a delighted response. An event not to be missed in Spello is the “Infiorata”:  during the weekend of Corpus Domini (64 days after Easter), the streets of the village are decorated with beautiful paintings made entirely of leaves and flowers. A reason of its own to visit. Spring and summer are the best times to visit. The potted geraniums are flowering and the barren stone walls are transformed into masses of red. Sprawling down a steep hillside, pretty Spello is the archetypal postcard-pretty medieval town. Action is centered on the historic center, an attractive ensemble of immaculate honey-tinted stone houses and churches, encircled by ancient Roman walls and chess-piece towers.

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