The ever-puzzling and interesting space never neglect to amaze us simple people and an ongoing post by the American space office National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has done it once more. On Monday, NASA shared a sonification of a planetary cloud caught by the Hubble telescope.

In its subtitle, the space office clarified, the Helix Nebula is 655 light-years from the earth, and three light-years over. The ghostly stable that is heard in the post originates from the perishing sun-like star’s life. Nebulae like this structure when the star sheds a portion of its external material.

In the sonification, the red part is appointed lower pitches and blue light or the portion of the eye is doled out higher pitches. At the point when the frequencies of light increment from red to blue, frequencies of sound increment from low to high pitches. NASA said that while there is no stability in space due to vacuum, sonifications like the one caught by the Hubble Space Telescope help in conceptualizing the information in cosmic pictures in another hear-able way.

The sound has gotten 651,248 perspectives. Netizens have communicated blended responses to the sound. Some are frightened while some are entranced. As one client remarked, “The eye part frightened me so. I was found napping by the sound of a shouting lady. (sic)”

“It seems as though shouting,” said another, while some considered it a sound of heck, “In the event that it was 666 light years away I would state it originates from damnation.” It was a captivating sound for Star Trek fans, as one remarked, “That seems as though audio effects from the first Star Trek.”

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is known for sharing such captivating posts on Instagram. In its ongoing post, it shared a period pass succession of Hubble pictures demonstrating a Comet ISON moving against a background of stars in May 2013, as it was rushing toward the Sun at 48,000 miles for each hour.

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