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This particular piece of artwork was not inspirational, I took a reference from Pinterest, I enjoy watching different artworks and you get to learn a lot from it. So there’s an artist that goes by Etsy in Pinterest, she uploads such artwork. Her work is phenomenal, I wanted to be on that level.
So I took a pencil and outlined a girl whose big eyes were sad. At first, I wanted the sketch to look real rather than artistic but I snapped and gave it a surreal approach by dividing half of it and then coloring it white on the left and black on the right, that way I was able to show two different perspectives of her.. And for the final touch, I painted the background Yellow as it gives a contrast to the colors.
I’m not good at photography and editing so the sketch I uploaded didn’t look that good, but hey it looks better in the sheet.As far as inspiration to become an artist goes, I started sketching and drawing when I was 10. it’s not my major but I always enjoyed it as a hobby as it gives me solace and peace of mind ..Moreover art and music are something which keeps me static, gives my thoughts a headspace to peel all the emotions in my work. As I started to improve people took notice and my friends and family motivated me to work in this field. I’m not too good with abstract because my mind runs in the array so I sketch whatever I see fit and make me happy .. If it weren’t for my friends and family, I would have been an underconfident artist, so a major shout-out to them.

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  1. Swarnima Mishra


    • Arun Das


  2. Lalit Pandey

    amazing art!

    • Arun Das


  3. Khushi josho

    Baat Hui Bhai ki 😍😍

    • Arun Das


  4. Arun Das

    Thank you for the feature .. 🤗


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