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River Chillin – @jeremy_sams_art

River Chillin  – @jeremy_sams_art

Q. What does your artwork represent?

My artwork represents the beauty of nature that we get to enjoy. My aim is to capture the essence of a particular time and place and the emotional reactions that accompanied them. Most of my paintings are painted en Plein air in order to experience all of the nuances of color, temperature, sounds, smells, the cool breeze, and even the bugs. All of these elements evoke an emotional response.

Q. What inspires you?

Of course, I’m inspired by the grand views that nature presents, but I’m also inspired by the design elements found in everyday life. Typically I look for contrast, whether that’s found in values, color temperatures, edges, textures, etc… Then begins the process of composing the elements in the scene into an arrangement that’s pleasing to the senses and solidifies the main story that I’m trying to tell. When all of these elements come together, it’s a magical inspiring moment!

Q. What does your art mean to you?

It’s the product of love, agony, bliss, desperation and perseverance. Art is the expression of the human soul. This does not mean that every painting experience is one of pure bliss and calmness. Some experiences are agonizing and full of problem solving. However, in this process, Joy is found knowing I’m doing exactly what I was designed to do.

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