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LIGHTHOUSE – @_mey_atelier

LIGHTHOUSE – @_mey_atelier

Q. What does your artwork represent?

I want my art to have a positive effect on the viewer. I want to bring clear structures to an art movement that produces extremely abstract works.

Q. What inspires you?

In photography, I learned to appreciate the colours of nature and their texture through the lens. Today I depict these colours in my acrylic paintings. My aim is to evoke emotions with colours and moving lines. It is important to me that the paintings trigger thoughts of something, although the art is very abstract. So I consciously choose colours that remind me of places or things and yet leave room for everything else. I have remained true to my clear structures despite abstract painting.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

I came into contact with art at an early age. My grandfather was passionate about painting and I helped him – although certainly in a different way than I thought. From then on, art accompanied my life in waves. Being brought up as a head person, it was difficult to maintain the passion for colour and shapes. At grammar school, it was clear to me that art would be a performance subject. After graduating from high school, the question arose as to what to do next. I chose architecture as a course of study because clear forms and structures were always important to me. Various life circumstances led to a professional reorientation. In the period that followed, photography was a big part of my pursuit of art. Here, in the end, I missed the handicraft of creating with a canvas and colours.

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