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My name is Nina Albiniova and I’m an oil painter.

Growing up an eight hour drive away from the closest sea, it wasn’t until my fifteenth till I met my main painting subject – the sea. I had always wondered what it would be like to look at the horizon and see nothing but water for as far you can see. Oftenly the things furthest away, amaze us most. When I started to paint, I didn’t doubt for a second what my subject would be; the only thing I wanted to paint was and still is, the sea.

My paintings are born from a reference photo that I take when I am at the sea, often I would make small sketches to have something more personal to work with later on in the studio. When I am out there I try to really remember the light, feeling, smells, basically soak up the atmosphere.I believe that in my paintings I am trying to convey the feeling I have every time when I’m at the sea. It’s threatening but beautiful at the same time, undiscovered and ever changing. It’s inviting me but scaring me at the same moment. Sea for me is the most beautiful thing that there is. 

During my modelling career, I’ve tried to  dedicate every bit of free time towards my art and aspire to become an ever better artist throughout my life!

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