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Black Panther @kunstler_of_perfection

Black Panther @kunstler_of_perfection

Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman is excellence in its purest form.
As Chadwick once said in character as T’challa ‘Death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping off point.

Chadwick Boseman seemed like a kind person, someone
who cared deeply about other people. I loved him in Black Panther and was looking forward to seeing him in the sequel.

Thank you for inspiring multiple generations with your portrayal of so many heroes past and present. Your spirit will be with us for generations to come.

RIP Chadwick Boseman, gone too soon. Black panther will never be the same without you. All I know you’ll forever be the king.
WAKANDA forever.

I heard it somewhere, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream” and I did it on the wall and that’s what the concept of this painting is. There is this guy who is listening to the music, yeah that’s me, and painting his thoughts on the wall, his favorite shows loved characters, and the one which pops up into his mind. He painted it all.
My painting consists of various doodles, art, music, dance, movies, and many shows. This was the first time I ever tried to make such a big painting.
This mural was not easy to complete, it took almost 20 days to finish. No doubt it was an amazing experience.
Learned a lot through this.

The Aghori are a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus. They engage in post-mortem rituals. They often dwell in charnel grounds, smear cremation ashes on their bodies, and use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas (skull cups which Shiva and other Hindu deities are often iconically depicted holding or using) and jewelry. Their practices are sometimes considered contradictory to orthodox Hinduism.

The religions prevalent in India, throughout history, have led to the creation of different cults and practices, which act as subdivisions of the main body. Each sub-group has its own beliefs, rituals, deities, and dictate their own ways of living.

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