Here are my top 5 anime recommendations.

NOTE: These are my personal choices yours may differs.

(everyone’s favourite One Piece , Naruto , Death Note, screw’em all. I have something that may leave you speechless )

*These anime are not for beginners who loves SAO and stuff (no hate i enjoy animes like that alot but there is a big difference between popular guy and a guy with class.*

1. Gankutsuou

This is the best anime I have found in quite a while. It is the principal anime that has constrained me to watch the entire thing at a time. The workmanship is imaginative, the story is complicatedly woven, the characters are convincing, and the tension keeps you as eager and anxious as ever needing more. This one is an unquestionable requirement for your ‘finished’ list.

  1. Berserk

What are you living for? This is the issue presented by Berserk, setting humanistic through and through freedom in opposition to skeptical fate. All the more personally, this is the skirmish of human enduring in the wake of celestial destiny and the desire of one’s individual man. Set in a medieval universe of struggle, tremendous green grounds and blue skies darken the heavenly satanic forces sneaking in concealed shadows. One man named Griffith, effortless pioneer of the infamous soldier of fortune bunch Band of the Bird of prey, stakes everything on a destiny he intends to fashion for himself at any expense, and as he sparkles ever more brilliant the shadows close by become ever darker. At last, this is the account of the individuals who are up to speed in his success—the triumph of their souls, of the realm of Midland, and of his own predetermination.

  1. Now and then, here and there

Now and Then, Here and There is a real wall-gazer. The sort of show that you respite to ponder, and afterward end up looking profoundly into the closest divider. Scattering, absolutely collapsed, with that despairing soundtrack reverberating through the corridors of your brain—like an unfilled dance hall, with just you left sitting at the bar. The move is finished, however the temperament waits, and there’s not much you can do but rather sit and moan… furthermore, acknowledge you’re somewhat more seasoned.

4. Monster

this anime isn’t for everyone nor would I recommend it as a must-watch to just anyone. Monster resurrects a horrifying world that is so realistic but feels so surreal to the viewer. It manages a world that nobody would need to manage and shows encounters that nobody would need to understanding. However, it draws in the watcher totally. Hence, on the off chance that you ache for a unique secret, an interesting story, an eccentric story that will shake your very center, at that point I propose, you get to know “Beast”.

  1. Patema inverted

At the heart of the film is a realization that people need each other to survive, and to discover our common features is truly a wonderful thing.

Don’t be afraid to look up at the sky! Likewise, don’t always look down at the ground! There is a much bigger, more fantastical world out there than what school and books tell you. All it takes is a little push.