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New AMD Ryzen “Van Gogh” mobile APU: ZEN 2 CPUs and RDNA2 graphics

New AMD Ryzen “Van Gogh” mobile APU: ZEN 2 CPUs and RDNA2 graphics

Insider @patrickschur_ uncovered new insights regarding AMD’s upcoming Van Gogh mobile APUs. The new chips will obviously include Zen 2 CPUs matched with Navi Graphics and focus on a low force profile between 7.5W-18W.

Insider @patrickschur_ uncovered new insights concerning AMD’s up and coming Van Gogh APU setup. Clearly, Van Gogh will consolidate AMD’s Zen 2 CPU cores with Navi graphics on low-power APUs in the 7.5-18W territory.

By utilizing the new 7nm manufacture process, Van Gogh parts ought to have the option to convey a significant lift to both CPU and GPU capacities in the ultraportable portion. We aren’t clear right now about the specific Navi parts being used here. Be that as it may, we expect performance increase over AMD’s present 7nm Vega GPUs found in the Renoir series.

The high GPU performance and dependable Zen 2 CPU centers make for some fascinating prospects, incorporating AAA gaming in up and coming tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

By utilizing RDNA2, AMD may likewise ready to hold its own when Tiger Lake and Gen12 Intel Xe designs show up in the following couple months. Since Van Gogh seems, by all accounts, to be using indistinguishable Zen 2 cores from Renoir, it’ll additionally be fascinating to perceive how CPU execution tolls comparative with Intel’s Tiger Lake.

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