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My name is Vera Jochum @jochumvera on Instagram I’m a German artist and this is my newest painting.

Q. Why did you make this artwork?

I was inspired to do this painting on a trip to the countryside. The colors and structures of an old farm fascinated me. A large rusty-colored hangar and some dilapidated buildings on a rainy day. 

Q. How you made this artwork?

This painting is made on recycled cardboard with mixed techniques. I used marble flour, acrylic binder, acrylics, pencils and metal in many layers. The recycled cardboard that I used is a statement against our throwaway-society. 

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

That‘s not so easy to answer. The fascination with artistic expression is deeply rooted in me. I’ve been painting since i could hold a pen.  There is no life without art for me. With my paintings I want to share some of the sensual experiences of my daily life. Whatever inspires me can be found in my pictures. Textures, colors, forms, movements and spaces – I try to capture all of this in my paintings. It’s interesting for me to combine various materials and techniques. It’s an energetic process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction which is reflected in my work.

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