“Sometimes life gives us beautiful journeys to explore; and often those journeys give the beautiful purpose of life.”

Manipur, situated in a lavish green corner of North East India, is an oval-shaped valley encompassed by nine scopes of somewhat blue-green slopes interweaved with falling rapids, rugs of blossoms, and apathetic lakes. A little heaven on Earth with her rich social legacy and brilliant characteristic excellence, Manipur vows to be a most loved new Tourism Destination. Individuals and clans of Manipur incorporate Meiteis, Nagas, KukiChinMizo gatherings, Gorkhas, MeiteiPangals, and numerous other vivid networks who have existed together in complete agreement for quite a long time.

These are individuals whose fables, fantasies and legends, moves, indigenous games and combative techniques, outlandish handlooms, handiworks, and expressive arts are contributed to the persona of nature.


Embellished with an assortment of stunning areas, the state is to be sure a heaven on Earth where Mother Nature has been extra liberal in her abundance. Least contacted and least found, Manipur is a promising traveler objective for experience and nature darlings the same. The state has a rich social past going back hundreds of years. It is the origination of Raas Lila-a a prestigious type of traditional dance that was made by Maharaja Bhagyachandra. Manipur is likewise the origination of Modern Polo and local people call this game ‘Sagol Kangjei’. It is a place where there are celebrations and pretty much consistently the individuals of Manipur get together to celebrate different celebrations which mirrors its rich culture, conventions, and strict practices.


Manipur is a mosaic of antiquated conventions and rich social examples. In the field of expressions and culture, the State is best spoken to by its old style and society dance structures. Raas Leelas portray the Leelas of Lord Krishna as a youngster with Gopies of Brindavan and express their longing for fellowship with the Lord. The Raas Dance is totally expressive and has very agile developments. The spring celebration, the “LaiHaraoba” held in April – May is represented by a conventional adapted and ceremonial dance performed for harmony and thriving.

The ancestral society moves are a declaration of nature, inventiveness, and aestheticism of the ancestral lifestyle. One can be enchanted by the bright outfits, moves, and extraordinary customs in celebrations, for example, LuiNgaiNi (seed planting celebration of the Nagas of Manipur) and Kut, the biggest celebration of KukiChinMizo people group.


An assorted populace that possesses the state makes it well-suited to be known as a little India. The individuals of Manipur incorporate Meitei, Nagas, Kuki-Chin-Mizos, Gorkhas, Muslims, and other brilliant networks that have lived in complete amicability for quite a long time. These are the individuals whose old stories, fantasies and legends, moves, indigenous games and combative techniques, outlandish handlooms, and painstaking work are contributed with the persona of nature and a relentless sentiment of satisfaction or fervor about existence. The state has a movement inviting atmosphere that makes whenever of the year positive for guests. The nine mountain goes that encompass the state keep the virus twists from the north from arriving at the valley and furthermore go about as an obstruction to cyclonic tempests from the Bay of Bengal.

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