Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot is a doctor by profession and a national bestselling author of two books, namely UNTIL LOVE SETS US APART & U n Me…It’s Complicated. His books received critical acclaim and have helped the author sell more than 20,000 copies within 6 months of release. His book won him the ‘Best Romance Book of the Year – Readers’ Choice Award. Both his books have been in the top 50 bestsellers and Best reads on amazon for 5 consecutive months upon release. Tasting success with his two massive hits, the author is among the first few Indian authors to write two chatbot stories namely, ‘Reprisals’ & ‘Better late than never’ which are available on the ‘BITE’ app on Playstore and Appstore. The author has also penned a short story, titled, ‘Catch me if you can!’ which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Here is Dr. Aditya Nighhot in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

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