Anisa Butt came to India after seven months (sometime in February) and ended up ‘hanging out’ for over three months, stuck at home, like the rest of us. However, Anisa is not someone who likes to while away her time. Lockdown was a time for her to be immersed inactivity. “Fortunately for me, I had a flatmate. She flew to the US before me. I was very busy with my podcast and there were days which were challenging. I missed family,” she says, safe at home now, surrounded by her loved ones in London.

A week before she could fly off, Anisa shot for ‘The Hangout’, a short film by Kabeer Khurana. Shot over a period of two days, the film is slated for release sometime in mid-August. Anisa plays Alia, an empathetic do-gooder who unexpectedly meets Romi, played by Arjan Singh Aujla, on a company Zoom meeting announcing salary cuts.

Alia is caring by nature and primarily concerned by how the salary cuts will affect her donation to the migrant workers’ cause. With Alia as a source of inspiration, Romi overcomes his creative lull and decides to help in the way he knows best—through music. Romi composes a beautiful song and donates its royalties to people worst-hit by the pandemic.

Here is Anisa Butt in a live conversation held on 12th September 2020 with GOGO Magazine

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