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KO CHANG – @beyond_the_boardwalk

KO CHANG – @beyond_the_boardwalk

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Ko Chang is an island in Trat Province, Eastern Thailand. Ko Chang is Thailand’s second-biggest island and the greatest in Eastern Thailand. With around 5,000 perpetual inhabitants the island isn’t intensely populated, yet the travel industry (and improvement) has expanded significantly in the course of the most recent couple of years. Regardless of this, the travel industry is not even close to the degrees of Phuket and Samui, and in that capacity, the island offers a vastly improved encounter for anybody ready to put forth the attempt to arrive.

Formed like Thailand’s public image and settled off Trat territory, the easternmost aspect of the nation flanking Cambodia, the island consolidates the perfect magnificence of an emerald-hued sea, white sandy seashores, and lavish tropical wilderness across the board.


With steep, wilderness secured tops, beautiful Ko Chang holds its distant and tough soul – regardless of the change of parts of it into a bundle visit location. Clearing bayous are sprinkled along the west coast; some have very fine sand, others have rocks. What the island needs sand it compensates for in an impossible mix: open wild with a flourishing party scene.

On account of its advantageous introduction to the immense scope of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Chang is home to untainted characteristic miracles like cascades, waterway estuaries, and twelve flawless seashores, each obliging a wide scope of voyagers from free explorers, honeymooners to family.


Preceding World War II, Ko Chang was mostly secret to Westerners and was gently populated. A couple of families there got by developing coconuts and natural products on the terrain. Ko Chang has transformed into a significant traveller objective, both for outsiders and neighbourhood Thais.

This unexpected travel industry blast, be that as it may, has been loaded with the debate concerning land use, and so forth The legislature is attempting to “create” it from an explorers’ heaven to a high-level objective, and development work is going on all through the island, with fundamental cabins destroyed to clear a path for extravagant retreats.


Koh Chang is an enormous, hilly island with numerous seashores and little straights. Notwithstanding the size, the number of inhabitants in perpetual occupants is moderately low consistently. The island is created, and you’ll discover a lot of ATMs, free Wi-Fi, bistros, shops, and more framework than that found on different islands in Thailand.

White Sand Beach, the busiest and most created beaches on the island, extends along the west coast. Fabulous dusks, palm trees on the beach, and fine volcanic sand add to the heaven feel of Koh Chang.


In view of its relative distance, Ko Chang has just been on the traveller radar for the previous 20 years or somewhere in the vicinity. Today, it’s as yet a trudge to arrive, yet its retreats are occupied with bundle sightseers, Cambodia-bound explorers, and island-jumping couples channelling through to more far off islands in the marine park. Along the crowded west coast are rambling scaled downtowns that have outperformed the island’s foundation.

For a sample of old-school Chang, head toward the southeastern towns and mangrove woodlands of Ban Salak Phet and Ban Salak Kok.

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